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Mucky Mouth Pie

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Made with bilberries collected from the moors. You need patience for this as it will take a long time to collect a pound of bilberries as they are tiny! The dark rich juice of the bilberries will stain your mouth. Try it and see!


  • Around 1 lb (450g) of bilberries
  • 4 oz (113g) white sugar
  • 8 oz Shortcrust pastry (8 oz (200g) plain flour
  • 4 oz (100g) fat (margarine or butter)
  • 8-9 teaspoons of cold water)


  • Rub the fat into the flour until it looks like fine breadcrumbs, sprinkle with water and bring together using your hand. Rest pastry in a cool place for 30minutes before rolling out.
  • Line a pie dish with shortcrust pastry.
  • Fill with bilberries and mix in the sugar.
  • A splash of lemon juice may be added.
  • Cover with a pastry top, dampen and seal the edges.
  • Make a small hole in centre of pie to allow the steam to escape.
  • Bake in a medium to hot oven (190°C Gas Mark 5) until pastry is brown and crisp.
  • Best served hot, with custard, or cold with cream.
  • Note: if you haven’t the patience to collect the amount of bilberries needed you could add some blueberries or raspberries and still have a delicious tasting pie.
  • Other variations bake bilberries in a pie dish in a Yorkshire pudding batter, which I haven’t tried but it looks delicious.

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