Sleeping Lions

Become a Sleeping Lion

Huddersfield Live were joined by four amazing charities on Thursday 3rd August 2017 in St Georges Square on the night of The Huddersfield Food & Drink Festival to become ‘Sleeping Lions’. we hope to run this again in 2018

These charities really are ‘Sleeping Lions’ they all have the same vision and work hard together to help the vulnerable and homeless on our streets. The ‘Lions’ work quietly in the background and provide much needed support to the people of Kirklees everyday therefore they are not often known about or recognised…until now!

Sleep Out

To bring awareness to the work that they do a small number of people from these organisations will be sleeping out in St George’s Square. This year is all about awareness we want people to know what these fabulous ‘Lions’ do, why they do it, understand what our friends on the street have to deal with everyday and hopefully raise some money to help fund these amazing charities.

Join Us

We are limited to numbers this year but we are planning on organising a larger ‘Sleeping Lions Event’ in the future where we hope to invite and involve you all so we would love it if you would join us. Please do get in touch with one of the charities so we can register you, send further details and welcome you to experience the ‘Sleep Out’.

Take a look at their websites and get in touch with the charities as they are all holding various sleepouts & fundraising events over the next few months that you are welcome to take part in.

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